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Machine Enclosing

Envelope Supply
MPS is an envelope wholesaler. We carry stocks of over 1 million envelopes of various sizes. And we have a full printing facility for overprinting and personal styling. Custom design envelopes are also available upon request.


Paper Handling Machinery
Stuffing envelopes by hand is now a thing of the past. Our machine folds, inserts, seals and franks - all in one process at a rate of 5,000 per hour!
High-speed label applicators can put labels onto envelopes at a rate of 12,000 per hour. Alternatively we can inkjet at a rate of 18,000 per hour - using the latest Domino JetArray.
For those items that are not machine compatible we have over 20 staff, full time, who attend to handwork.




Envelope overprinting example.

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